• 6 facts on why Spekboom is the must-have plant this season.

    Spekboom is a must-have this 2020, with its circular bright green leaves and easy to care-for qualities, it makes for the ideal houseplant.    Why Spekboom? Proudly South African: Spekboom is an indigenous plant that is predominately found in the Eastern Cape. Elephants also love to eat Spe... View Post
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    Feng Shui Harmonize your surroundings and achieve the most fulfilling lifestyle. Here are 5 easy techniques to incorporate Feng Shui into your space: 1. Light Light illuminates your environment to embrace and enhance change, allowing for good energy to flow in. Mirrors help with reflecting light... View Post
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    What are the real perks of having plants in your home? HOUSEPLANTS - everybody is talking about them and they're starting to appear pretty much everywhere! But what's all the fuss about? And why is it so important that we introduce plants into our spaces? We're here to delve into the details and ... View Post