• How to style your plants

    Plantr’s 2 Things to remember 

    1 - Taller, upright plants will add a striking and bold sculptural element, whereas a bushy plant will soften the overall look.

    2 - As your plants grow they will change shape - so keep this in mind when choosing your new green companion.

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  • 6 facts on why Spekboom is the must-have plant this season.

    Spekboom is a must-have this 2020, with its circular bright green leaves and easy to care-for qualities, it makes for the ideal houseplant.    Why Spekboom? Proudly South African: Spekboom is an indigenous plant that is predominately found in the Eastern Cape. Elephants also love to eat Spe... View Post
  • 5 Tips to incorporate Feng Shui into your space

    Feng Shui Harmonize your surroundings and achieve the most fulfilling lifestyle. Here are 5 easy techniques to incorporate Feng Shui into your space: 1. Light Light illuminates your environment to embrace and enhance change, allowing for good energy to flow in. Mirrors help with reflecting light... View Post