Easy Ways to Help Your Plants Survive (and Thrive) This Winter

As the temperature drops and storms roll in, you're not the only one feeling the affects—your houseplants are likely struggling to make it through the winter, too.

Check out the cold-weather plant care tips below, then make small adjustments to keep your winter plants happy. Fiddle Leaf Fig | Plant Care | Plant Tips | Winter | Cape Town Plants

1. Adjust Your Watering Routine

Cut down on watering your plants. This may come as a surprise since the air in your home is likely drier, but plants naturally adapt to colder weather by experiencing a slower rate of growth, and therefore require less water.

2. Turn Up The Humidity

This is where your winter plants can get finicky. Althought they don't want to be waterered as often, they will crave more humidity if your home is dry. You can easily create your own makeshift humidifier by setting up a shallow tray with water next to your plant or use a plant mister for those that need more moisture, such as ferns.

3. Avoid Drafty Spots

Plants prefer a stable temperature. Be sure to avoid placing your plants near drafty spots, such as the front door or on top of a heater that's turning on and off during the day.

4. Easy On The Fertiliser

Once winter is here, your plants can go dormant and as a result they do not actively grow as quickly, we recommend that you slow down or stop fertilising your plants entirely during this season as this will give your plants time to rest and recuperate. 

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