Spring has Sprung!

Are your plants looking a bit tired?

Here are 3 easy tips on how to rejuvenate your plants and keep them flourishing


Dust collects on plant leaves during Winter as there’s less air circulation, windows are closed and heaters are on full blast. It’s time to give them some attention.

Use a soft cloth and some water to wipe down your leaves, this will not only make them look fresh and healthy but it also promotes growth.

You can also place your plants in the shower or gently give them a rinse. 

NB: Not all plants like their leaves to be wet, if you are not sure rather wipe down your leaves. 



2. Water 

You need to increase the amount you water your plants as the water will evaporate faster from the soil compared to the cooler months. Note: This does not mean that you need to start watering your plants daily.

A general guide is to wait until the top 3cm of potting mix is dry before watering again. All plants’ have different needs and it’s important to do some research on your plant pets. Succulents or cacti do not require weekly watering, as they thrive in a warmer environment whereas a fern or palm need to be kept moist.

If you are unsure, place your fingers in the soil and feel the moisture levels. 



3. Light and temperature

At the start of Spring, sunlight will start to radiate more into your home and it is important to consider the positioning of your plants.

If you moved some plants around to avoid drafts or to an area with extra sunlight - it is the time to move them back before it gets too warm. For example, a fiddle leaf fig flourishes in sunlight in the cooler months but their leaves burn if in the same position during summer.

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