Surprising Ways Plants Boost Your Productivity

Biophilic principles state an inherent need for humans to connect with nature.  Yet barriers created by city living, like gloomy offices and hectic schedules, can prevent us from easily forming that strong connection.

In this difficult period that the world is currently battling through, many of us are working in a home environment and struggling to find some semblance of normality as we turn living rooms and kitchens into home offices. You may be wondering if there’s a way to be more productive while working from home. Well, it appears adding a little greenery to your home office pays dividends! Here’s how plants boost your productivity:

1. Plants make your working environment more welcoming

According to a study carried out in the Netherlands and the UK, bringing plants into a working environment increased productivity by 15%. One of the study’s authors, Professor Haslam, has suggested: “Office landscaping helps the workplace become a more enjoyable, comfortable and profitable place to be.”

2. Plants facilitate creativity

Research has found that when people looked at the colour green for two seconds before doing a creative task, it boosted their creative output. Researchers dubbed this as the ‘green effect’. The study’s author, Dr. Stephanie Lichtenfeld, suggests the colour green is a signal of physical growth (as in growing plants) as well as psychological growth: "Green may serve as a cue that evokes the motivation to strive for improvement and task mastery, which in turn may facilitate growth".


3. Plants clean the air

Ever tried working in an environment without much fresh air? It can lead to headaches, fatigue, and difficulty in concentrating. When our quality of air is diminished, our health and performance suffer. In addition to having an adequate air conditioning system, you can benefit from being surrounded by plants. Plants are natural air filters, replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen.

4. Plants reduce noise levels

If you enjoy peace and quiet while working, plants could be of help. By absorbing sounds, plants can actually reduce the distracting effects of background noise. According to this research, it is beneficial to position large plant pots in the edges and corners of a room. If you have the space, you could install a floral centerpiece. Small pots are ideal for desktops.

Why not add a touch of greenery to your home office today? Spending your day in a room without much connection to the natural world is not ideal for your physical and mental health. Plants breathe life and colour into your environment while helping you become more productive.




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