What is a soil probe?

A tool you can use to create and allow for more oxygen to be present in soil.
As you water your houseplants your soil will become more dense, this is the result of a natural process called soil compaction, in which soil compresses after repeated watering.

Compressed soil does not allow for water and nutrients to to reach the roots, which could potentialy delay the growth of your plant.


What is soil aeration?

Soil aeration allows for more oxygen to be present in soil. In nature, soil will naturally be aerated because of worms and insects that are moving and breaking apart the particles in the soil.

What are the benefits of soil aeration?

Ensures even moisture and distribution when watering. It also assists with better oxygen flow to the plants roots.



How to aerate your soil?

(Do this before watering your plant)

Step 1: Find a chopstick or similar tool

Step 2: Gently poke holes into your soil and move the chopstick in a circular motion to add oxygen to the soil, you might poke or feel a root when making a hole - this is perfectly alright, just remove the chopstick and try another spot. Two or three holes is enough.

Step 3: Water your plant


Soil Preference:

Succulents tend to do well in compacted soil.

However; leafy plants (philodendrons, monsteras, pothos, etc.) enjoy oxygen in their soil.



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