Firstly, what is mealybug? 

Have you ever wondered what the white, cotton-like objects on your plants are and where it came from?

How does it affect your plant?

Mealybugs are tiny insects that enter your home via other plants, and stick to the surface with their piercing mouths to suck fluids from the plant. They are often found where leaves meet the stems and leave a sticky substance behind on the surface of the leaf. These feathery-looking insects can rob your plant from essential nutrients which could lead to weakening and deterioration of your plant. 


The good news is that it’s not too difficult to get rid of mealybugs, and we’ve put together a list of steps you can take to clear it away and leave your plant happy, healthy and bug-free.


 1. Get rid of mealybugs by using alcohol

Wipe your plant’s leaves with a piece of cotton dipped in alcohol. This will kill the bugs and get rid of the sticky residue on the leaf surface. Take care when wiping the bottom of your plant’s leaves as this is where most of the sensitive veins exist.


2.  Get rid of mealybugs by using neem-oil 

Mix neem-oil with water (follow instructions on the bottle) in a spray can and spray the plant, making sure to cover the top and bottom of the leaves as well as the stems. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the bugs. This process can be repeated once a week until no sign is left of the insects. 


3. Use a forceful hose to spray the bugs away

Mealybugs and their eggs can be removed from your plant when being sprayed with a strong force of water. Follow the spraying by cleaning the leaves with alcohol.


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