Did you know living Green walls are not just aesthetically pleasing but have several other health benefits? 

Green walls are a space-efficient and low maintenance solution to incorporate plants into your office. It also uplifts the space with a fresh and aesthetically pleasing look.



  1. Living walls improve the air quality

If indoor air quality is poor, it can cause various effects such as fatigue, dizziness and eye irritation.

Green walls convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and by converting VOCs into compounds that plants feed on.

  1. Green walls improve your overall mood

Numerous studies show that plants have a positive impact on the way people feel, boosting one’s mood, and improving overall well-being.

This is needed in both commercial and residential environments. For any workspace it is important that employees feel happy and positive in their work environment, this also assists with increased productivity. 

  1. Assists with noise reduction 

Noise pollution can be a major issue in any office space or home. A green wall can absorb 41% more sound waves compared to a normal building facade while still keeping up with aesthetics. 

  1. Indoor gardens improve productivity 

One of the best ways to increase productivity for any workplace, at home or in the office is to create a green space. 

Having a living wall can provide the following benefits:

  • Overall mood booster
  • Improved learning and memory retention  
  • Higher levels of innovation 
  • More efficient decision making 
  1. Living walls improve brand reputation

First impressions are important. 

Greenery creates a welcoming environment, making it a healthier place to visit and work in. It also portrays the business as environmentally conscious.

Vertical gardens | Living Green walls are the perfect idea for any space. Improving the aesthetics of your home or place of work, as well as improving overall health benefits and for a commercial perspective, clients will be more likely to have a positive brand association. 


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