Succulents are known as being the easiest house plant to take care of and often we are embarrassed if our succulents start to look a bit dull… Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to get the optimal environment for your succulents so here are 4 reasons why your succulents are dying and ways to revive them. 


1.Too much water

Succulents are similar to cacti in the sense that they love dry air, soil and live a dry life.

How to revive your over watered succulents:

Allow the soil to dry out before you water your succulents again but make sure that your planter has drainage holes. 

Once the soil is completely dry, start using a spray or misting bottle once a week.


2. Your planter is too deep

Succulents have shallow roots. If your succulent is not thriving in its planter, the planter depth may be an issue. 

How to assist stunted succulents:

Move them to a shallow planting space where roots can get ‘cozy’. 

3. Not enough sun

Succulents love the heat. A few hours of sun in a window is not good enough.

How to bring the heat: 

Watch where the sun comes into your space. Track it and find a spot that gets sun for 6 hours a day or more. Keep succulents away from drafts or cooling vents.


4. Too many succulents in one space.

You might have placed too many succulents in one planter to look lush and full but now they are dying… Succulents need room to grow.

How to properly space succulents:

Succulents need at least 2-3 inches between one another as they will naturally fill out. 



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