Elevate your space with plants

When scrolling through Pinterest, saving pins to ‘dream home’ there is often a common theme - greenery.

Adding plants to your space is one of the best accessories, not only adding to the aesthetics but they also have various health benefits: air purifying, good for your mental health and inspire creativity. 

So, the real question is: 
How to add greenery to different living spaces?

1. The Livingroom 

In most living spaces, there is often a height similarity amongst furniture. The key here is to create contrast, this is where adding a tall plant to the corner of the room can draw one’s eye up and ‘break’ the linearity. Adding a tall plant can add texture and soften your home environment.


2. The Kitchen 

Cold surface? 

Add a small plant to liven it up. Think of greenery on a table as a centerpiece, whether it is an elaborate planter or some fresh clippings from an outdoor shrub - it makes an impact. This will generate a ‘welcoming’ atmosphere and positive energy to your home.


3. The Bathroom 

This is one of the most overlooked spaces for staging. A bathroom can benefit the most from simply adding a planter with a succulent or faux plant just to add some elegance and sophistication. 


4. The Bedroom 

Side tables.

Side tables are the most optimal place to add detail - whether it is subtle or dramatic, you can choose. A stunning and elaborate delicious monster in one of our minilux planters or a small succulent adds to the designer touch. Placing a table lamp, clock, or stacked books on your side table with a plant, will make for a unique display.

Greenery is the ultimate decorative vignette. Plants have such a vast variety of shapes, sizes, and textures giving you never-ending options. 


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