5 Tips to incorporate Feng Shui into your space

Feng Shui

Harmonize your surroundings and achieve the most fulfilling lifestyle.

Here are 5 easy techniques to incorporate Feng Shui into your space:

1. Light

Light illuminates your environment to embrace and enhance change, allowing for good energy to flow in. Mirrors help with reflecting light, and this expands your perception of space, creating a serene view.

2. Plants

Plants embody life energy and connect us to nature.
They clean the air we breathe and bring positivity into our environments. Plants encourage healing, invite kindness and new beginnings. Think fresh, healthy and vitality.

3. Colour

Hints of colour help to invigorate and create excitement. Colours have various meanings, setting different moods and tones to your space:

Red: energy
Purple: nobility
Green: growth
Orange: enthusiasm
Pink: romance
Blue: tranquility
Gray: quietness
Yellow: happiness

4. Water

Water represents wealth. Place your water element close to the entrance of your home. The most important aspect is to make sure the water is flowing towards the centre of your home. This creates opportunity.

5. Space

Lastly, clearing your space is essential to allow for a flow of energy, otherwise known as ‘chi’. Chi brings good health, wealth and luck. Walkthrough your space, create a physical path and make sure there are no obstacles. From when you wake up, walk from your bed to the bathroom to when you walk out the front door. If there are physical blockades, adjust with kindness and be gentle.

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