6 facts on why Spekboom is the must-have plant this season.

Spekboom is a must-have this 2020, with its circular bright green leaves and easy to care-for qualities, it makes for the ideal houseplant. 


Why Spekboom?

  1. Proudly South African: Spekboom is an indigenous plant that is predominately found in the Eastern Cape. Elephants also love to eat Spekboom and that's why it is also known as "Elephant's Food".
  1. A Carbon Sponge: Spekboom is one of the highest absorbers of carbon dioxide among all plants. Your very own filtration system which combats climate change and fights air pollution.  According to the Samara Private Game Reserve “Hectare for hectare, Spekboom thicket is ten times more effective than the Amazon rainforest”.
  1. Impossible’ to kill. If you don’t quite have a green thumb or are venturing out, becoming a plant parent…Spekboom is resilient, surviving all weather conditions and seasons. It is an adaptable plant and can live up to 200 years.
  1. You won’t die if you eat it. We’re aren’t suggesting a plate of Spekboom for dinner… but if you ever find yourself hiking in the dry regions of South Africa, biting down on a leaf can help with dehydration and has a high nutritional value.
  1. Waterwise. How could we forget the time when Cape Town almost ran out of water? Well, if you had a spekboom in your garden or house it would have survived. It only needs 250-350ml of water a year! (250ml = one glass of water). 
  1. It looks pretty.  Spekboom is an evergreen and produces flowers in the spring to summer seasons in South Africa but is more likely to flourish when it rains. Spekboom produces rosy coloured- flowers making the Eastern Cape landscape burst. 

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