What are the benefits of indoor plants?

What are the real perks of having plants in your home?

HOUSEPLANTS - everybody is talking about them and they're starting to appear pretty much everywhere! But what's all the fuss about? And why is it so important that we introduce plants into our spaces? We're here to delve into the details and give you some expert tips on how to make your homes and offices greener and in turn, create healthier and fresher environments to thrive in.

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| Get in touch with nature

As a result of today's busy lifestyles, many people in urban areas tend to spend less time outdoors and lose touch with nature, fresh air and all things green and natural. Having plants indoors brings nature inside, and what better way than to fill your space with lovely foliage and greenery. The organic shapes and sense of nature in our surroundings make us feel calm and at home.

FACT: The modern human spends 90% of their time indoors.

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| Take your plants to work 

Not only do plants look great in office spaces; but research shows that plants can increase productivity, creativity and help people concentrate.

| Plants are good for your mental health 

Did you know that plants are strong de-stressors and mood boosters? Because of their color and beauty that they bring to the environment, they can help people feel calm, happy and comfortable. Plants can also be a solution to loneliness - almost like having a pet, it is rewarding to see them grow, make new leaves and thrive under your care. 

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| They clean the atmosphere and improve indoor air quality 

It is scientifically proven that plants reduce carbon dioxide levels and eliminate harmful toxins from the air such as mold, bacteria, benzene, ammonia, amongst other toxins to name a few. Plants increase humidity, help keep indoor temperatures down and in the long run help prevent numerous acute conditions such as asthma and respiratory illnesses.

| Plants are an easy way to make your space look amazing 

Pair your green friend with one of our exquisite planters and you have yourself a statement piece that will impress!

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| They're not that hard to keep alive

For those claiming to not be able to keep anything alive, we'd advise starting with something like a snake plant; we promise (out of personal experience) that these plants thrive on neglect! They are also some of the top air-purifying plants. Another great addition is self-watering liners - never again do you have to worry about going on holiday or forgetting to water/overwater your plants again.

And then of course, the Plantr Team is here to help! We love advising, answering your questions, and receiving pictures of your plants - so feel free to get in touch…

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