How to style your plants

5 shapes and tips on creating aesthetic harmony.

Plantr’s 2 things to remember 

1 - Taller, upright plants will add a striking and bold sculptural element, whereas a bushy plant will soften the overall look.

2 - As your plants grow they will change shape - so keep this in mind when choosing your new green companion.

The 5 basic plant shapes:

The Rosette

  • Look: A circular arrangement of leaves, predominantly the same in height. 
  • Where to use: Can be the ultimate singular display OR the rosette can be displayed with different plants to create a contrast and interesting look with the various shapes.
  • Example: Echeveria Elegans - succulent 


  • Look: Width and height of this plant is generally the same, as well as stems growing from the base. 
  • Where to use: Creating a green backdrop. Electrical cord in the lounge? A bushy plant is your best friend to hide this
  • Example: Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana)


  • Look: They have a trunk with branches and leaves coming from the top (standard). 
  • Where to use: A style tip is to simply appreciate this plant for its character and shape but there are no rules, if you would like to group this style with another plant, then go for it!
  • Example: Ficus elastica (Rubber Plant)


  • Look: The name itself explains it, grows straight up. 
  • Where to use: Works well with a smaller trailing, such as a rosette or a bushy. This will create an overall: soft look. 
  • Tip: This works well when different varieties are placed all together
  • Example: Sansevieria (Mother in laws tongue)

Climbing and trailing 

  • Look: Thin, curling, leaf stems - constantly looking to cling onto something. These plants will go where you go
  • Where to use: Cascade the climbing plant down a set of shelves or across a wall. 
  • Example: Philodendron hederaceum (Filodendro-brasil)

Plantr Tip - If you want to create an arrangement of plants together play with different heights, a tall (Sansevieria), medium (Delicious Monster) and trailing plant (Scandens) make a great combo.


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