Plantr's guide to basic watering for indoor plants (in South Africa)

Most of us are guilty of having had to throw out at least one plant that we just couldn’t keep alive, we’re always left wondering what we could have possibly done wrong - perhaps killing it with kindness and too much love?
FACT: More indoor plants die from overwatering than any other cause! 

Every plant is different and has its own special needs when it comes to food, light and of course water. So, we’ve spoken to a few our green fingered friends who helped us put together a basic guide for watering your plants. 
We are big fans of self-watering liners because they allow the plants to feed themselves by drawing up water from the system's reservoir. They also allow you to water your plants without removing them from your planter - no mess, because who likes a mess? These are available from our online store along with more information and details.
Without further ado - here’s a list of our favorite indoor green friends and how often you should water them:
- Succulents: every 15-20 days
- Rubber Plant: once a week
- Peace Lily: every 5-10 days
- Fiddle Leaf Fig: once a week
- Snake Plant: every 15 days (some people only water these once a month)
- Aloe: every 15 days
- Orchid: once a week
- Philodendron: once a week
 -Staghorn Fern: once a week
 -Delicious Monster: every 7-10 days
- Wild banana plant: every 7-10 days
- Spekboom/Portulacaria: every 15 days
- String of Pearls: every 15-20 days
- Other ferns: once a week
Naturally, your plant’s needs may vary, depending on its environment. During warmer months you may find that the soil dries up quicker, indicating that it needs to be watered more often. The above guide is only a rough indicator for you to start out with and adjust according to your plant’s needs. 
Feel free to get in touch if you have any plant-related questions!

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