Landscaping & Gardening: The Basics

Choosing a garden design that works for you

When choosing a garden design it is important to choose a style that reflects or compliments the exterior architecture of your house. Allow your design to flow throughout your garden and keep in mind when choosing accessories such as planters, screens, benches etc. This will help create structure and a feeling of cohesion outside and around your home.
Consider all natural elements such as wind, direct sunlight and access to water, as these factors will determine which type of plants you’ll be able to grow successfully.
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A personal tip is to choose a garden style that reflects your personality - allow it to be a form of self-expression.

garden landscape design basics of gardening planters plants

Word of advice:

  • Every piece of land has its own characteristics. Get to know your property’s microclimates and typography - test your soil and learn about its composition, spend some time outside and study the changes in shade and sun throughout the day.
  • Changing the hardscaping is the more costly component of garden design, but it will however set the tone for the rest of the garden and is undeniably a worthwhile long-term investment.

  • Know the purpose of your garden: eg if you’d like it to be a place of relaxation, an escape from your everyday busy lifestyle, you can incorporate a seating area where you can read a book or go to meditate. Or it can be a place to gather with family and friends, in which case a braai or entertainment area will be suitable.

  • A mood board is a pleasant and creative way to help you find your balance between all the different options and styles - there are limitless resources available such as Pinterest and garden and landscaping magazines. Stick to your chosen style - you’ll soon pick up on key words that will make the process easier.
  • Once you have decided on your garden style and what you’d like to accomplish, it’s a great idea to visit a nursery where you can get more inspiration and see what’s available to you. A professional will be able to assist and guide you on the right plant choices for your space.

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