Loft Range Trio | Outdoor

R 13,599.00

Our Loft Round Trio | A set of 3 stunning Loft Round planters complete with Self-Watering Liners. 

These planters were designed to play simple yet eye-catching hosts to the organic shapes and striking colours of your indoor and outdoor plants. Sleek, minimal and accentuated by their stunning texture.


1x Large Loft Planter

1x X-Large Loft Planter

1x X-Large Tall Planter

3x Self-Watering Systems


  • Designed and handmade in Cape Town
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polymer Powder-Coating for a sleek look and extra protection
  • UV Protection
  • Includes 3 Self-Watering Liners
  • Superior-quality + Made to last
  • FREE DELIVERY (online only) 
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Custom sizes and colours available on request - simply send us an email


Size Diameter Height Weight
Large  410mm 400mm 12kg
X-Large 410mm 600mm 15kg
X-Large Tall 410mm 900mm 19kg


Care Instructions:

All our products are handmade to the highest quality and 100% local. Taking care of your planter will only ensure it lasts, therefore we recommend wiping the dirt and dust off with a damp cloth, and avoiding any collecting of water for an extended period of time. For tougher marks use benzine and a rag to wipe. Avoid scratching or chipping the painted surface as this may expose the bare metal and risk accelerated corrosion. Feel free to get in touch anytime for assistance with taking care of your planter.

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