How to help your plants this Winter

Winter is definitely approaching and we have a few tips on how you can help your plants adjust.

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Transitioning your plants into Winter

  • If you have moved some of your plants outside for the summer/spring, we recommend you move them back indoors during the colder, wetter months as these plants might fair better in a more protected environment. You can check the type of plants you have outdoors, in order to see if they are more hardy or more sensitive.
  • Cut down on watering your plants, there is less light during winter months and therefore the plants do not need as much water.Preferably wait until spring to repot your plant.


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      • Once winter is here, your plants can go dormant and as a result they do not actively grow as quickly, we recommend that you slow down or stop fertilising your plants entirely during this season as this will give your plants time to rest and recuperate. 
      • Be aware of cold drafts coming into your home, as some plants tend to drop their leaves when experiencing fluctuating temperatures. 
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